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Confessions of an Angry Girl Review

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Title: Confessions of an Angry Girl
Author: Louise Rozett
Publication date: August 28, 2012
Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Pages: 272
ISBN: 0373210485
Rose Zarelli, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some confessions to make…
1. I'm livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I'm allowed to be irate, don't you?
2. I make people furious regularly. Want an example? I kissed Jamie Forta, a badass guy who might be dating a cheerleader. She is now enraged and out for blood. Mine.
3. High school might as well be Mars. My best friend has been replaced by an alien, and I see red all the time. (Mars is red and "seeing red" means being angry—get it?)
Here are some other vocab words that describe my life: Inadequate. Insufferable. Intolerable.
(Don't know what they mean? Look them up yourself.)
(Sorry. That was rude.)
Confessions of an Angry Girl is a fun contemporary novel. In this book we are introduced to  Rose Zarelli a fourteen year old girl with anger issues, her life is far from perfect and her whole world is crumbling at her feet, everything in her life is changing and not for good, her father died in Iraq, her mother isn’t emotionally available and her brother, the only person that makes her days a little bit easier, leaves for college. Rose is confronted with a reality she didn’t expected at such a young age.

Tracy, Rose’s best friend, got on my nerves a lot of times. The only thing in her head was how to lose her virginity and how to be accepted into the cheerleader squad even if she had to become another person. It was difficult to read about her struggles but at the same time made me realize that many teenagers go through this kind of pressure and not all of them are so confident to be who they really are without caring if they are accepted or not.

The love interest, Jamie, is an older guy and also the bad boy, everybody in high school respect him because of his tough guy attitude, there is a nice chemistry between them, the only problem is that he’s dating a cheerleader. Regina, the cheerleader, is the popular girl at school and her only purpose in life is to irritate Rose.

Overall I really enjoyed this book, the only reason I didn’t gave it 5 stars was because there wasn’t that much anger throughout the book, actually, I only found one chapter in the whole book that really portrait the angry girl I expected. I’m looking forward to read the next book in the series.


  1. This one's been on my TBR since it came out! ;) I'm so glad you liked it and I look forward to getting to Confessions Of an Angry Girl soon! I hope you enjoy the series! Awesome review, Shantal! :)

    Sarika @ The Readdicts

  2. This one is more my type of book, as I read your blog I'm finding more books to add to my TBR pile =P


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